In 2005, the gross output of fishery economy in Fujian hit RMB 86.566 billion, featuring an increase of 10.56% over the previous year and accounting for 31.35% of the total agricultural output of Fujian. The added value of fishery economy reached RMB 48.384 billion, featuring an increase of 9.66% and accounting for 7.99% of the provincial GDP. The total output of aquatic products reached 5,912,100 tons (an increase of 3.22%), while the per capita consumption of aquatic products hit 168.39 kilograms (a growth of 2.45% over the previous year). The foreign exchange revenue created from the exportation of aquatic products hit USD 0.85 billion (an increase of 57.7%), and the output value of aquatic product processing reached RMB 16.198 billion, an increase of 21.22%.

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