Fujian’s first 4-in-1 charging station put into use in Xiamen

2019-05-20 11:46


A 4-in-1 refueling station for new energy vehicles –the first of its kind in Fujian province- was put into use in Xiamen on May 16th.

The station offers a combination of battery charging, battery swap, photovoltaic power generation, and energy storage.

The station is co-built by Xiamen Chang Gung Hospital, Xiamen Chuyuan Energy Saving Technology, and Didi-backed Xiaoju Automobile Solutions, with a total private investment of over 10 million yuan.


Located in Haicang Chang Gung Hospital, the station covers an area of over 1,000 square meters. It can serve up to 66 new energy vehicles such as buses, ride-hailing cars, and logistics vehicles simultaneously.


It is worth mentioning that swapping one battery only takes 2 to 3 minutes and that the whole station can generate 15,000 kilowatt hours per day, which is all supplied to the hospital for daily use.


“This is the first 4-in-1 charging station for new energy vehicles in Fujian and also the province’s largest renewable energy complex. It sets a precedent for the integration of new energy charging with infrastructure such as hospitals, ” said Huang Nanxing, secretary general of Xiamen Parking Industry Association.


At present, Xiamen has set up more than 330 new energy charging stations, over 5,500 charging piles. As planned, the number of charging piles will reach up to 25,000 by 2020, which means there will be one pile in an average radius of 900 meters.

[ Web editor:Robin Wang ]