Speed and passion: China Drift Championship Finals 2017


The China Drift Championship Finals 2017 were held in Xiamen on the 13th January when eleven teams, from all across the country, participated in the competition. The whole contest was passionate and the audience was burning with excitement as they saw cool colors coupled with the roar of car engines drifting and turning.

Ultimately, Beijing's prime racing drift team won the single-race championship, Li Jinrong from Drift Hainan won the elite championship, and Wang Qi, the Margels DRS drift team from Hangzhou, was a double champion, winning both the China Group and the Super Cup.

The competition, which took place in a small venue about 800 meters long and about 90 meters wide, puts two cars in a drifting chase. It was a feeder for the annual battle for the 2017 Chinese Automobile Drift Championship. 

The China Automotive Drift Championship has been held for five years. Each year, the competition re-designs its rules, such as the camber and length, according to the size of the competition city. In this year’s Xiamen competition, the scenic coastal areas and the high-quality asphalt track made this drift race even more competitive and entertaining.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan     Source:xmenglish.cn ]