China Boxing Championships to settle in Xiamen


On November 13th, the press conference of the 2017 China Boxing Championships was held in Xiamen’s Datang Center. The Chinese Boxing Corporation announced that their championships will start on December 2nd.


This year’s competition is jointly hosted by the Management Center of Boxing and Taekwondo of the State General Administration of Sports of China, , the Chinese  Boxing Federation and  the Chinese Boxing Corporation, and sponsored by Dynasty Property.

After eight months of careful preparation, there will be thirteen top boxing bouts in six cities including Tianjin, Nanning, Hangzhou, Zunyi, Zhangzhou and Xiamen. More than 60 boxers from home and abroad have been invited to the competition. The Chinese  gold belt, which is accredited by the Chinese Boxing Federation and represents the highest honor of Chinese boxing, will be presented.


The China Boxing Championships in Xiamen will produce 49kg and 91kg champion boxers on December 2nd , 2017 and a gold belt winner on January 15th, 2018.

By Echo


[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan ]