Amoy Bombers Softball Club plays at Jinmen 823 National Cup


(Photo by Wayne Lee)


On August 19-20 the Amoy Bombers Softball Club attended the 20th annual Jinmen 823 National Cup over the weekend. The long time traditional tournament fielded 10 teams, with 3 coming from Xiamen (Bombers, Hunters, Tigers). Most of the teams came from Taiwan and Jinmen, but the Xiamen teams were welcomed with open arms, and the Bombers first time participation was well received.


Games were going from early Saturday, and went until the late afternoon Sunday. The Bombers played all 3 of their games on Sunday, getting the opportunity to enjoy the island and watch some of the games on Saturday. Jinmen Island is a great place to have a relaxing weekend, with a clean and quiet environment, and beautiful beaches worth going to.


On Saturday night, all of the teams got together for the dinner event, and were able to meet and introduce themselves to many of the friendly teams. The Bombers and other teams from Xiamen represented themselves well, made some new friends and important contacts along the way. All of the Xiamen teams have been invited to the tournament again next year, and are making plans to play some friendly exhibitions with other various teams as well.


Although the Bombers fell short in the games, their competitive and supportive spirit was noticed. Many of the teams invited have been together for many years, while the Bombers are less than 6 months old. By next year, major improvements and chemistry will help to give them more opportunities for victories in the future.


The Bombers were the only multi-national team in the tournament, and this was the first ‘expat’ team invited to the tournament. They were true ambassadors of their home countries, and their sportsmanship gave them much respect among the entire tournament participants and organizers. They look forward to attending more tournaments in the future, building a strong roster, and improving on their chemistry on the field. The Bombers are a welcoming team looking for new membership for the fall season, and all are welcome to support the local Xiamen Softball League in 2017-2018!


By Kyle Wagner, Interim Head Coach of the Amoy Bombers


[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan     Source:Amoy Bombers ]