Three self-service drug vending machines put into use in Xiamen



What can we do if we need medicine when the pharmacy is closed at night? Recently, there is a new kind of self-service drug vending machine standing in front of a pharmacy next to Ruijing Commercial Plaza. Even at midnight, people can buy daily medicines they require.

It is very simple: enter the code on the screen, the price of medicine and a two-dimensional code will pop up. Pay the money then the drugs can be taken from the slot. Payment methods available are WeChat, Alipay or 1, 5, 10 and 20 yuan in cash.

The deputy head of the insurance group Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd said, The launch of the self-service drug dispensers is for the convenience of citizens to purchase daily over the counter drugs. In case of uncertainty, it is still necessary to consult a specialist at a pharmacy or go to a hospital.

“Since the beginning of 2016, three units have been put into operation in Xiamen . Putting the machines close to pharmacies is an effective system and it is also convenient for recharging the drugs regularly,”He said. “In order to ensure the quality of service, the drugs will be replaced at least every two days.”


[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan ]