Customised printed coffee comes to Xiamen


What kind of experience would it be to print your favorite photos on coffee and to then drink it?


The process of printing on coffee is actually very simple: pick a photo and upload it to a coffee latte printer. Whatever you like, all of them can be printed. Photos can even be taken on the spot, and you can choose whatever you like.


Ke Wenjun studied for a masters in finance in Britain. She now works in Shanghai, while her cousins are in Xiamen. She says that they have forgotten who came up with the idea first, however the three decided to open a unique cafe in Xiamen. From decoration to posters, the three girls do everything hands-on. Not only is the coffee full of creativity, the desserts from their store are also very special. All of their names are derived from allusions or myths in Western culture, such as "Sisyphus stone,” “Dreamland," "Angus roaming,” "Twins" and so on. Ke Wenjun said that each taste is sunique and cannot be found elsewhere, because it is the result of her cousin Ke Wenjia’s research and development.


Ke Wenjia is only a year older than her cousin Ke Wenjun. She is a dessert lover. When she still studied in a college in Macau she passed a hotel one day and was deeply impressed by the delicate desserts in the window. Desserts can also become art, she thought. Subsequently, she entered the baking world. Ke Wenjia said that while in university, she had two ovens and liked to share her desserts with her classmates. Naturally, before class, her classmates looked forward her coming.


After graduating, she chose to study in Australia for two years to learn French desserts, then she started a dessert studio in the hometown. These unique tastes and cultural connotations of dessert are now hers. Ke Wenjia said that she often, "engages in research and development,” at work and keeps on innovating. Her dream is to make a dessert that everybody likes.


[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan ]