Xiamen Eating Castle stands out in Shapowei



On December 11th, as a gathering of Taiwanese snacks, Shapowei Eating Castle was formally settled in Xiamen. The castle is a new landmark for gourmet tourism that has gathered many traditional Minnan snacks.


At present, there are forty five inhabitants in the castle, including nineteen Chinese Time-Honored Brands, which have been recommended by A Bite of China, and twenty two old and famous local shops with a history of more than twenty years.


The Eating Castle is also on a mission to promote traditional culture. Located in Shapowei, the heart of old Xiamen, the gourmet castle is a comfortable place to feel some peace and relaxation,  a place to taste an authentic snack. In order to let more people enjoy authentic snacks, the Shapowei Eating Castle is going to hold a month-long activity for million people to eat for free!


[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan     Source:xmengilsh.cn ]