2018 Color Heron Music Festival to debut end of April


The bright see-saw, the LED labyrinth, the high-tech audience interactive area, and electric sound effects on stage: these are just some of the futuristic sights you will see on the 2018 Color Heron World Music Festival, the biggest music event of the year.


The two-day event is about to open its doors at Jimei Civic Square on April 30.


The festival takes the theme of “Magic ”and fuses it with high-tech  equipment to give the venue an ethereal effect, striking a contrast with what you'd usually see at traditional music festivals.


One of the most remarkable features at the event is the audience interactive area which will include an LED maze, allowing patrons to enjoy a unique and memorable experience.

During the festival, renowned international musicians will be invited to present edgy, fashionable music, ranging from modern EDM to ethnic styles.


Additionally, a variety of fun activities are planned including delicious food stands, creative market stalls and entertainment interaction on the scene.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan     Source:xmenglish.cn ]