Crew of a John Woo film on movie promo tour to Xiamen



John Woo’s Manhunt, a remake of the 1976 Japanese thriller ,is going to release in the Chinese mainland on November 24th.

On November 16th , Qi Wei, the heroine of the film came to Xiamen for promotion.


She said the film  is adapted from the Japanese novel You Must Cross the River of Wrath by  Juko Nishimuraand  tells the story of Du Qiu, an upright  lawyer Duqiu who tries to find out the truth after being framed for a murder.


In the movie, Qi plays Mayumi, a mysterious woman  behind Du Qiu ( Zhang Hanyu) and Yaharu Aya ( Fukuyama Masaharu).

“Although the movie follows the same storyline as the Japanese edition, it adds many new elements, such as hand-to-hand combat, gun fights, and big chase sequences. All these reflect Woo’s aesthetics of violence,” she added.


When talking about the cooperation with John Woo and Zhang Hanyu, she said she felt honored by the pressure and it was  a very comfortable and enjoyable journey.

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[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan ]