Xiamen Cangjiang Theater to stage a Russian comedy tonight


Photo by Lei Chunming from Xiamen Cangjiang Theater


On October 13th and 14th,  Semianyki: The Family, a  Russian comedy  is going to perform in the Xiamen Cangjiang Theater. The comedy  will tell a story about a couple with four children that shares their life in a humorous way.


“We would like to tell audiences about the themes of love and cherishing,” said Olga Ye Leigh Semyon Ieva, who plays the role as mother in the comedy. Olga was a child psychologist before she joined the Licedei Theater Academy at the age of 23.


“Once when we performed in Hong Kong, something touched me so much. Because of the naughty children in the story, I had to dramatically threaten the family that I would leave them and run away from home. Once, twice and a third time, a little boy in the auditorium cried. He thought I was really leaving my family. Actually, I love my family very much. Haha,” said Alexander Gusarov, the father.


The show has been specially updated with a new scene that includes China’s recently launched man-made satellite.


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