Xiamen University's Furong Tunnel


Adam: Hi Li Mei, my friends and I just visited Furong Tunnel at Xiamen University and it was amazing. Do you know the story behind the tunnel?



Li Mei: I do. The kilometer-long tunnel has a reputation in China as the country's most artistic tunnel, which makes sense because of its graffiti-covered walls. It attracts a ton of visitors and photographers.



Adam: Who created all the art?



Li Mei: All the graffiti is done by Xiamen University students. The drawings capture everything on the minds of students, including things like wildlife preservation and the celebration of cultural traditions. You can see in the art how much they love Xiamen University.



Adam: I also saw references to book and pop culture. There was graffiti that touched on things like Coco, The Little Prince and Zootopia.



Li Mei: But it's not just about graffiti, the tunnel even has a coffee shop.



Adam: I saw some guests making their own graffiti.



Li Mei: Yes, people love to write "I was here" on the walls. Volunteers frequently restore the graffiti but it's an uphill battle.



Adam: I hope that travelers will respect and protect the graffiti in the future.



By Zheng Xue

[ Web editor:Robin Wang    Source:Common Talk ]