Exploring the Overseas Chinese Museum




Li Mei: Hey Adam, I heard that you have the day off tomorrow, would you like to come with me to the Overseas Chinese Museum of Xiamen? It's close to your home on Siming Nan Road.

李梅: 嘿!亚当,我知道你明天休假,要不要跟我一起去厦门华侨博物院逛逛?就在思明南路那儿。


Adam: Wow, news travels first, Sure, but tell me something about this museum?

亚当: ! 你消息真灵通。那你先给我说说,这博物院有什么特别之处吗?


Li Mei: It's China's first museum dedicated to the overseas Chinese experience. The museum hosts rotating and permanent displays devoted to the history and culture of the Chinese diaspora.

李梅: 厦门华侨博物院可是中国第一座以华侨为主题的专业博物馆,举办关于华侨历史文化的固定展出和各种巡展。


Adam: It sounds interesting. How old is the museum?

亚当: 听起来挺有意思的。这博物院有多久历史了?


Li Mei: Philanthropist Chen Jiageng founded the museum in 1956.

李梅: 华侨博物院是由著名爱国华侨领袖陈嘉庚先生在1956年创办的。


Adam: It must hold a diverse collection of artifacts?

亚当: 里面一定有很多藏品。


Li Mei: You're right, the museum's holdings include more than 1,200 documents, paintings and works of calligraphy. The museum collection also includes 2,000 artifacts such as bronze ware, chinaware and sculptures from various Chinese dynasties. And there are numerous religious crafts, handicrafts, musical instruments and ornaments on display.

李梅: 是的。那里书画和各种文档藏品等超过1200件,还有大约2000件稀有文物,包括中国历代的铜器、陶瓷器、雕刻等等。还有许多宗教用品、手工艺品、乐器和装饰品等供展览。


Adam: Interesting. Anything else?



Li Mei:Yes, the museum's Hall of Nature displays 150 kinds of animal specimens in a number of dioramas.



Adam: I'm sold, let's go together tomorrow.

亚当: 我很感兴趣,那我们明天就一起去吧!


By Natalie Ng

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