Enjoying Xiamen's Live Theaters


Adam: Hey Li Mei, guess what? I just landed two incredible tickets for the Secret Garden concert at the Banlam Grand Theater.



Li Mei: Awesome. They are my favorite classical musicians. But how is it that you have access to great shows? You're always posting amazing photos of events on your WeChat account.



Adam: Did you see my photos from my visit to Xiamen University's Art College?



Li Mei: Yeah, that was pretty cool and I love to support young artists but those kinds of events are free of charge. I'm wondering how you get great tickets at the city's top theaters for live events?



Adam: Well, I do a lot of research online and in the paper about upcoming events and then I make sure to book tickets as soon as they go on sale.



Li Mei: Which online sites do you use to find information and to purchase tickets?



Adam: Both 228.com.cn and Damai.cn are good choices for purchasing tickets online. They list a ton of upcoming plays, operas, dances and concerts at all of Xiamen's main theaters. You can always find something you'd like to see.



Li Mei: Great, I'll take a look at those sites tonight. I like dances and dramas, anything with passion and intensity.



Adam: Then you'd love Carmen, Swan Lake and La Traviata, three classical Western operas with upcoming performances in Xiamen. Tickets with a range of prices are on sale right now.



Li Mei: Great, let's check them out.



Adam: Sure, but first please take this ticket for Secret Garden. I know you're a fan and we can check it out together.



Li Mei: Thank you so much Adam, you are a true friend.



By Zhong Xisheng

[ Web editor:Robin Wang    Source:Common Talk ]