Chinese Idiom:人不可貌相 (rén bù kě mào xiàng)


In the State of Zhao, there was once a scholar by the name of Gongsun Long. He was a vain man and thought highly of himself.


"I don't keep company with people who have no talents," he told his disciples.


One day a man dressed in rags came up to him saying, "Please take me as your disciple."


After looking the man up and down, Gongsun Long replied coldly, "Tell me about your talents."


"Well," said the man, "I have a loud voice which can travel very far."


"Is there anyone among you who has a loud voice?" Gongsun Long asked his disciples.


"No, sir!" they replied.


Gongsun Long took the man as his disciple. His other disciples were secretly laughing among themselves. "What is the use of a loud voice?" they sneered.


A few days later, Gongsun Long and his disciples had to make a trip to the State of Yan. They came upon a large river. However, not a boat was in sight except one lying on the distant shore.


Gongsun Long told his new disciple to prove his talent. The man gladly heeded the request and bellowed across the river. Very soon the boat was rowed over to ferry them all.












人不可貌相 (rén bù kě mào xiàng)

【翻译】Men cannot be judged by their looks.





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