Chinese Idiom:束之高阁 (shù zhī gāo gé)


During the Eastern Tsin Dynasty (dōng jìn 东晋,317—420AD),there were two tremendously talented young men named Yin Hao (yīn hào 殷浩) and Du Yi (dù yì杜义) ,both gained their big fame through metaphysics (xuán xúe 玄学) study.


At that time,Yu Yi (yǘ yì 庾翼),a famous general who attempted to reclaim the North area found himself in a urgent situation of talents shortage. One day,some officials strongly recommended that the two meta-physicists serve as his think tank. However,after serious consideration,he responded: "Though the two have household names across the kingdom concerning the metaphysics,they are rather high-hearted and pretty impractical. On accout of this,we just can’t take the risk to rely on such kind of persons in the battlefileds. They shall be tied up in and put in the high attic until the country come to it’s peace and prosperity."


Since then,this idiom"To be put in the attic"is used to refer putting something away without using it.








束之高阁 (shù zhī gāo gé)

【翻译】To be put in the attic.

【释义】高阁:储藏器物的高架。捆起来以后放在高高的架子上。 比喻放着不用。




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