Chinese Idiom:偃旗息鼓 (yǎn qí xī gǔ)



In the Three Kingdoms Period (sān guó shíqī 三国时期,220280AD). Cao Cao (cáo cāo 曹操)and Liu Bei (liú bèi 刘备) were both considerably talented leaders of two Kingdoms respectively. In order to gain the final domination of the whole country, they contended with each other usually. They were at war again at that time, Liu Bei ordered his generals Zhao Yun (zhào yún 赵云) and Huang Zhong (huáng zhōng 黄忠) to loot Cao Cao’s food supplies. Rather irritated by it, Cao Cao led on a large force against Zhao Yun,who then retreated swiftly as fas as the gates of his camp. There, he ordered the soldiers to open the gate widely, lower the flags and stop drumming. Zhao Yun then stationed his troops in ambush nearly. When Cao Cao arrived and saw the pretty odd situation, he suspected a trap in an instant and thus withdrew his forces rashily.

This idiom is nowadays used to indicate metaphorically halting an attack or ceasing all activities.



偃旗息鼓 (yǎn qí xī gǔ)
【翻译】to stop clamoring.

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