Softball keeps you dreaming: Xiamen Softball League blooms


By Echo Wong 

 (Photo by Wayne Lee)

“We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.”—George Bernard Shaw.


On Thursday nights, a group of softball lovers and amateur players regularly gather at the baseball field in Xiamen University. They are Xiamen Taifeng Baseball Team and Amoy Bombers Softball Club, two international baseball teams in Xiamen.


Xiamen Taifeng Baseball Team, which was established in 2010, is a non-profit baseball team which aims to keep fit,make friends and promote softball. It consists of public figures, Taiwan compatriots, along with local and international students. The players range in age from 18 to 60 years old .


 (Photo by Wayne Lee)

Amoy Bombers Softball Club is a young team established in spring of 2017. Members of the club are from countries across the world, such as Canada, Colombia, Philippines, Mexico, Singapore, The United Kingdom and The United States of America.


Generally speaking,Xiamen has historically been home to many baseball and softball teams over the years. Currently Xiamen has 7 teams made up of Expats, Taiwanese, Japanese and local Chinese players. Though the players are not at the same level, their passion for the game is the same. Now, each team has become a big family with mutual trust and their overall strength as a league has also advanced considerably. At present, each team has nearly 20-30 core players. Many of them have a good command of softball.


 (Photo by Wayne Lee)

"Softball allows us to get away from all of our normal daily lives. It provides a fun yet competitive environment for us to engage in with good friends and get some exercise," said Kyle of the Bombers.


Every Sunday, these teams will meet and play 2 to 3 games at Xiang’an Dadeng Middle School. There are just a few more weeks of the spring season before the tournament next month. 

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan ]