Team Rounds of the First Xiamen “Little Diplomats” English Proficiency Competition conclude



The team rounds of the first Xiamen “Little Diplomats” English Proficiency Competition for Primary and Secondary School Students was successfully concluded at Wuyuan No. 2 Experimental School on 29th May.

The one-and-a-half-day team contest attracted a total of 72 teams from primary and secondary schools across the city. The teams were divided into four groups based on their ages: Primary School Group A (Grade 3 and 4), Primary School Group B (Grade 5 and 6), Junior High School Group, and Senior High School Group.



During the competition, contestants showed their English proficiency by expressing their expectations for the upcoming Xiamen BRICS Summit and their understanding of good etiquette in short dramas, sitcoms and interviews.

In the Primary School Group A, Yanwu Primary School with the simple story On the Way Home from School scored the highest thanks to their excellent English, rich content and natural performance. Xiamen Experimental School won the Primary School Group B for their fantastic plot, careful design and beautiful stage effects. In their short drama Better Xiamen Better World, they not only displayed what a polite and well-behaved citizen should be like, but also explained the principles of waste classification, from the perspectives of two aliens.


The performances in the Junior High School Group were also creative and impressive. Students from the Siming Branch Campus of Xiamen Shuangshi Middle School integrated some elements of King of Glory, the most popular internet game at present, into their performance. By playing various roles of characters in the game, they showed how to receive foreign guests in a novel but polite way.

Xiamen No. 2 High School drew attention to improper behaviour in the city through a news broadcast and urged every citizen of Xiamen to behave correctly  .

This competition was highly valued by parents and teachers alike who thought it a perfect chance for children to enhance their confidence and improve their English. All of them are keenly anticipating the next year’s event.



[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan ]