Rockin Weekend Charity Music Event at MOMA


By Echo Wong



Spring has sprung and it's time to have some fun. Last Saturday night, an impressive charity event was held at MOMA, a small bar at Zengcuoan near the Ring Road, with the purpose of helping those in need in Fujian Province, especially school children in  impoverished areas. The charity party was co-organised by Xiamen Beach Entertainment (XBE) and New Channel Public Services, a local charity organisation.

“We wanted to find a way to help local Fujian people who are in need of supplies like new socks, underwear, and kid’s school supplies,” said Kyle, the organiser of this event and owner of XBE. Made up of a group of expats, XBE has been holding parties in Xiamen over the last ten summers. It gives something back to the city by making the sort of events people want. Their fun parties are different from those in typical bars and clubs around town, they offer exciting community events to the public who can take a break, meet old friends and make new ones.


“We really thought this was a great time and opportunity to give back to the Chinese community more by hosting a charity event aimed at getting those less fortunate in Fujian some things they truly need, and which we often take for granted, ”Kyle said.


Two bands (one local, one international), two DJs, and a Chinese dance team were invited to the scene for performances that night.



[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan ]