2018 Xiamen Children’s Capacity Competition to kick off this weekend



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The preliminary round of the 2018 Xiamen Children’s Capacity Competition is scheduled to take place in the Wanyue City Shopping Center, Huli district this weekend.

The competition has three categories: self-care capacity competition, parent-child games, and the football skills competition.

The self-care capacity competition included five sub-categories, namely, folding a quilt, quickly getting dressed, tidying a desk, dribbling and shooting footballs, pattern recognition, and building a house together.

The parent-child games are designed to strengthen the relationship between parents and children. In the match, children will compete for how quickly they help their parent to put on clothes and shoes, and how fast they work with their parents to recognize signs in their daily life, to use chopsticks, to classify waste, and to set up a house.

The football skills competition is a newly added category for this year’s event, which aims to arouse preschool students’ interest in football. Kindergarteners challenge each other in juggling, dribbling, and relay shooting. They also play a five-a-side football game.

The competition attracted nearly 6,000 participants from over 2,000 kindergartens from across the city, says the organizing committee.

The 2018 Xiamen Children’s Capacity Competition is sponsored by the Xiamen Municipal Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation, the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Education, the Xiamen Women's Federation, and the Xiamen Daily, and organized by the Xiamen Academy of Educational Science, XMNN.CN, the news portal of Xiamen, and Jiaoqu, a local educational information platform.

[ Web editor:Robin Wang    Source:xmenglish.cn ]