Joint exhibition "Playful Dialog in time and space" opens at Aotou, Xiang'an



The exhibition titled "Playful Dialog in time and space" was officially launched in Aotou, Xiang'an District on November 3, and will be available until January 3 of next year.


As a supporting event for the Xiamen Autou Ocean Art Festival, the exhibition will showcase artworks by artists from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Iceland.


A major highlight of the exhibition is a mural jointly created by Swedish Chinese artist Wang Tong, Danish artist Lars Jean, German artist Holger Bunker, and Icelandic artist Herki Sogris.


The large-scale mural they co-created depicts the local folk culture and humanities of Aotou and Oucuo, two villages in Xindian Town, Xiang’an.


In addition to the work of the aforementioned artists, 20 works of famous Danish artists, presented by the Danish Williamson Art Museum, are being exhibited.


Visitors can also see twenty replica prints of Chinese artist Qi Baishi, who was born at the same period as Williamson, and is exhibited to have a  "dialogue" with Williamson across time and space. This is the first encounter between two of the highest level national artists.


Additionally, the organizers will hold a forum, " "Playful Dialog in time and space" – the encounter of Qi Baishi and Williamson."


[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan ]