New transportation choices from Xiamen to Nanping


Regional transportation authorities recently announced that construction is underway on a new railway between Xiamen and Nanping. The route is expected to host passenger trains by the end of the year.


The northern end of the 248-kilometer route begins at Nanping North Station and terminates at Longyan Station. The railway includes nine stations: Nanping North, Yanping West, Sanming North, Sanming, Yongan South, Shuangyang, Zhangpin West, Yanshi South and Longyan. With a design speed of 200 kilometers per hour, the new route is scheduled to open in December.


The new route will reduce travel time between Nanping and Longyan to just over 90 minutes. When used in conjunction with the hour-long train between Xiamen North Railway Station and Longyan Station, travel time between Xiamen and Nanping will be reduced to under three hours.

By Luz Saez


[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan     Source:Common Talk ]