Bailu social credit system debuts


The city of Xiamen recently became the fourth municipality to operate a social credit system when it debuted the Bailu citizen credit point system. The program will cover all Xiamen residents over the age of 18, including both the city's registered and unregistered population.


Residents can log in to the “Xiamen City Big Data” WeChat public account to enroll in the system. Enrolled users with high credit scores will be eligible for benefits such as deposit-free lending.


The credit system deducts points for actions such as overdue loan payments, failing to return library books and failure to sort household garbage.


The Bailu credit system uses big data analysis to sift through personal credit data culled from various sources, according to Wang Yujun, general manager of the Xiamen Information Group Big Data Operation Company.


The scoring model includes five dimensions, which are described as basic information, trustworthiness, untrustworthy default, credit repair and credit behavior. It divides participant ratings into five levels: bad, general, good, outstanding and excellent.


[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan     Source:Common Talk ]