Xiamen previews new subway regulations


City officials last week published on the People's Congress of Xiamen website (www.xmrd.gov.cn) and in Xiamen Daily a call for public feedback on a number of regulations proposed for the city's subway system.


The new policies include penalties for riding the subway without a ticket. Residents who use a fake, altered, discounted or otherwise invalid ticket will be required to pay a penalty equivalent to five times the maximum fare of a one-way ticket. The infraction will also be registered in the individual's social credit information profile.


The regulations also ban illegal vendor stalls, littering, soliciting passengers and the unauthorized sale of goods in the subway system. It will also be forbidden to eat after passing through a turnstile, with the exception of infants and citizens with special dietary requirements.


Banned items include skateboards, skates, wheelbarrows and other means of transport. Beggars and buskers are banned. Subway riders can also be fined for forcing one's way through train doors, hindering the operation of a train and blocking doors or platform access. Proposed fines range from 20 to 200 yuan.


The unauthorized shooting of film and television works, advertisements or wedding photographs will also result in a fine of up to 3,000 yuan.


By Wendy Shi, Luz Sanchis

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan     Source:Common Talk ]