Taiwan people in Xiamen give thumbs up to 60 measures


Approximately 100 Taiwan businessmen and youth gather at the Taiwan Businessmen's Association in Xiamen to discuss the 60 measures implemented in the city on April 12. [Photo/sunnews.cn]


Nearly 100 Taiwan businessmen and youth gathered at the Taiwan Businessmen's Association in Xiamen to discuss the 60 measures implemented in the coastal city, local media reported on April 12.


The 60 measures was developed out of China's 31 measures, a newly released set of policies that benefit Taiwan people who study, work and live on the mainland.


Xiamen's 60 measures consist of five major sections: 23 measures related to economic exchanges, 10 related to cultural and social exchanges, three related to studying or interning, seven related to working or starting businesses, and 17 related to living in Xiamen.


Wu Jiaying, chairman of the Taiwan Businessmen's Association in Xiamen, said that the 60 measures will surely help create a more favorable environment for Taiwan people living, working and studying in Xiamen.


He is particularly positive about the measure allowing Taiwan people to use either the US dollar or the renminbi as the registered capital when establishing a company in Xiamen and also puts Taiwan-funded enterprises on a level playing field with mainland enterprises.


Xiamen is now home to more than 5,000 Taiwan enterprises and Wu believes that more Taiwan enterprises will settle in Xiamen in the near future.


Lin Hanzhi, a second-generation Taiwan person in Xiamen, cares more about regulations on applications for research projects, and he holds that the 60 measures should be quite attractive to young Taiwan men.


Lin Shiwei, a Taiwan businessmen who has lived in Xiamen for four years, confirmed that the 60 measures completely satisfy the needs of Taiwan people in Xiamen.


He explained how the recognition of Taiwan professional qualifications solves his company's many problems in business management.


In addition, Xiamen plans to establish a Taiwan service center to better serve the city's Taiwan people and enterprises.

[ Web editor:Robin Wang    Source:chinadaily.com.cn ]