Forensic vehicle from Xiamen debuts on CCTV


Meiya Grampus II, a powerful forensic automobile developed by Xiamen Meiya Pico, recently debuted on Central China Television (CCTV), Xiamen Daily reported on March 10.


Meiya Grampus II has the ability to conduct onsite investigation, evidence identification, aerial monitoring, mobile forensics, and correlation analysis.


The vehicle can be powered internally or by an external power supply. With a full fuel tank it can operate at full capacity for 60 hours.


High-tech facilities are installed in the forensic vehicle. Its electronic data forensic devices can quickly recover, extract and analyze the data from storage media or mobile phones and its big data analysis platform can analyze the networked structure of various kinds of information and discover the internal connections.


The vehicle's drone defense system, self-developed by Meiya Pico, can disturb drones flying within 500 meters by interfering with their remote control and navigation signals.


A small scale meeting area is provided at the back of Meiya Grampus II with an advanced network system and a wireless communication device. It can serve as a contemporary headquarters in an emergency.


Established in 1999, Meiya Pico is the leading digital forensics and information security products and service provider in China, boasting 45% of the digital forensic market share.


[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan ]