Two giant pandas to move to Xiamen this May


Two giant pandas to move to Xiamen this May

A special tree planting ceremony was held in Jimei District of Xiamen on the morning of March 11.


The event, which was hosted by the Xiamen Lingling International Circus, was to celebrate the Arbor Day and prepare food supplies for the twin pandas who will arrive in Xiamen in May.


More than 20 families took part in the activity and planted 60 bamboo plants in the would-be panda home in the circus grounds.


Lin Mijie, a twelve-year-old girl from Taiwan, said she hoped the pandas can live happily here in Xiamen.


The circus is planning to introduce two pandas aged over four. If everything goes well, the panda brothers are expected to arrive in Xiamen as early as May.

[ Web editor:Robin Wang ]