Gulangyu Piano Academy Alumni wins First Prize in Major Piano Competition in Italy


The 20th Edition Italian Scriabin International Piano Competition recently came to an end with a landmark achievement for the Chinese native Yin Cunmo, who graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music Piano Academy at Gulangyu. Yin took home the first prize and  received the highest number of votes from the audience. In addition to the prize money, he was also approached with offers for 10 European concert contracts and 3 performances with symphony orchestras.


Yin Cunmo graduated from the Piano Academy at Gulangyu in 2014 and was admitted to the Hanover School of Music and Drama in Germany to further his professional career. It is one of the most famous universities for the arts, and counts among its alumni the legendary piano prodigy Li Yundi.


The competition attracted more than 60 contestants from dozens of countries including Russia, Austria, Germany and Poland. In the first round, each pianist performed a 20-minute composition. Following the selection by 8 international judges, 12 contestants entered the semi-finals in which they each played a 50-minute recital. Further selection brought three performers to the finals to perform concertos with the Grosto Orchestra. The competition was fierce and the quality of the contestants was remarkable, making it a tough challenge for Yin Cunmo to stand out.


In recent years, students from the Gulangyu Piano Academy have won a lot of prizes on the international piano stage. Recently in the Rachmaninoff International Piano Competition that ended in February, the school’s senior grade one student Yan Jin was awarded a gold medal in the junior group. The Piano Academy strongly encourages students to practice in the international arena since 2008 when it arranged and supported its students' participation in the 16th American Music Open and achieved outstanding results.

[ Web editor:Robin Wang ]