French president holds up Jimei Arles International Photo Festival as model



"President Macron mentioned the Jimei Arles International Photo Festival in both his speech in Xi'an and during his meeting with President Xi Jinping. He was very pleased to have received an album for Jimei photo festival,” said Rong Rong, artist and the founder of Three Shadows Photography Art Center and co-sponsor of Jimei Arles International Photo Festival.


Three years ago, he and Sam Stauds, the director of the French Arles Photography Festival, introduced the Arles International Photo Festival, one of the most influential photography events in the world, to Xiamen, China.

Jimei Arles International Photography Festival has been successfully held three times now.

The latest edition ended on the 3rd of this month and attracted more than 60,000 visitors from home and abroad.

The festival was seen as a cultural exchange model between China and France. On January 8th, French President Macron also made this point in his speech in Xi'an, "Sino-French cooperation will make us stronger than if we were to rely on our own cultural wisdom to conquer the world by ourselves, and building more cultural cooperation projects is of great significance for us ... such as the French Arles Photo Festival in Xiamen."

"Last July, President Macron took four hours to visit the show at the Arles International Photo Festival in France, including the works which won Jimei Arles discovery award in China," Rong Rong said.

At that time, Sam Stauz gave Macron a personal tour. Coincidentally, during the visit to the 798 Art District the day before yesterday, Sam Stoze also stepped in as a French guide. President Macron and his wife visited the works of Rong Rong and his wife Ying Li, and received the works album presented by Rong Rong and the 2017 Jimei Arles photo album.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan ]