Gulangyu to build new Maritime Museum



Fujian's Fisheries Research Institute recently announced the creation within three years of a new maritime museum on Gulangyu. The center will include facilities for both tourism and scientific research and culture.


The main exhibition area of the museum will cover 500 square meters. Displays will include QR codes for guests to discover more information online. A model of Jiaolong, the Chinese manned deep-sea research submersible, will also be on display, according to Lin Qi, deputy director of the institute. Other displays will include an exploration of the Mariana Trench via VR technology.


The Marine Ecological Zone will include an aquarium and a puffer fish display. A panoramic cinema will host films and ocean vistas utilizing a cylindrical projection screen and 360-degree views.


The museum will include hands-on exhibits as well as expert guides. Visitors will be able to examine bone specimens and ship models and DIY artificial specimens which can be taken home.


The museum's physical facilities will include south Fujian architectural elements such as red bricks and a tiled roof. The pedestrian path to the museum will repurpose the site's original bricks and will include a promenade to the sea.

By Wang Haiyun, Wendy Shi

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan     Source:Common Talk ]