China’s first regulations against improper conduct to take effect in Xiamen on Oct. 1



People who display uncivilised behaviour in Xiamen may be fined from October 1st when the Provisions for Improving the Moral and Ethical Standards of Xiamen Special Economic Zone, the first of its kind in China, will come into effect.


The new regulations focus on the following nine points:

Driving at crosswalks

A driver will be fined 100-300 yuan if he/she does not slow down or give way to pedestrians crossing or about to cross the road where there is no traffic signal.


Pedestrians crossing the streets illegally who do not listen to law enforcer’s advice will be fined 50-100 yuan.


Drivers of motor and non-motor vehicles will be fined if they park illegally. Users of shared biked will be fined 50 yuan if they park in an area that hinders other vehicles and pedestrians.

Spitting and Littering

There will be a 100 yuan fine for spitting in public or refusing to clean up waste dumped on the road or in public places, including harmful waste, kitchen garbage, or other difficult-to-remove refuse such as chewing gum.


Anyone who smokes in a non-smoking area will be fined 50-200 yuan depending on  the violator’s attitude. Operators or managers of the area will be fined up to 5,000 yuan if they fail to dissuade smokers from smoking.


Tourists who cause disorder in scenic areas or deliberately destroy cultural relics and the environment will be fined 200-5,000 yuan and they are likely to be put on a blacklist by the tourism department.

Occupancy of public areas

Fines for illegal occupancy of public areas will be increased from 100 yuan per square meter to 500 per square meter. These public areas include roadsides, overpasses, beaches, underground passageways, and city squares.

Dog walking

Residents will pay 1,000-2,000 yuan in fines or lose their dog licence if they do not put a leash on their dogs or allow their young children to lead the dog. In addition, they will face fines of 200 yuan if they fail to clean up their dogs’ excrement in time.


Any units or individuals who set off fireworks in Siming, Huli, and other districts of Xiamen where fireworks are prohibited will be severely punished.


[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan ]